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    CR TubeGet(YouTube等网站视频下载器) V0.9.2.0最新官方 ...:2021-6-12 · CR TubeGet是一款基于youTube网站原生网站基础上研发独立的解析脚本,可以有效对油管还有其他主流视频网站里面的视频还有图片等进行下载,支持的下载网站上1000个,还有任务导入跟批量下载等功能,对于有需要下载视频的用户可以体验。

    Our mission is to create future food and agriculture systems by working across disciplines to explore questions from all sides and translate our discoveries into practical solutions that help growers and businesses thrive.

    Our purpose is to improve the health of the people, environment and economy of New York state and beyond through innovative food and agricultural science.


    Recent insights, breakthroughs, news and other Cornell AgriTech stories



    Scientists track plant diseases riding across globe with dust
    A multidisciplinary, Cornell-led team of scientists has been selected for a $750,000 NASA grant to combine their expertise in remote sensing, climate and earth system computer modeling, plant pathology and genomics to better understand how plant...
    • Cornell AgriTech
    • youtube视频网站-思源资源网:2 天前 · youtube.com是一个视频网站, 设立在美国的一个影片分享站点,让用户上载、旁观及分享影片或短片。 youtube得益于其成熟的生态系统以及壮大的视频后期编辑能力,内里的内容一应俱全,其功效包罗分享视频, 视频直播, 在线电视, 音乐.影视旁观等等 , Youtube视频网站是美国最大的视频分享平台。
    • Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology Section

    Field Note

    Dara Stockton: Adapting field and lab research during the pandemic
    Dara Stockton—a postdoctoral associate working in the lab of Greg Loeb, professor of entomology—researches spotted-wing drosophila (SWD), an invasive vinegar fly that reproduces in berries and other small fruit. Stockton’s research is helping...
    • Cornell AgriTech
    • School of Integrative Plant Science
    • Entomology


    Scientists identify new pathogen in NY apples
    The study, “Identification and Characterization of Colletotrichum Species Causing Apple Bitter Rot in New York and Description of C. noveboracense sp. nov.,” was published July 6 in the journal Scientific Reports. “We were shocked by what we...
    • YouTube油管视频下载的方法-支持Windows/Mac/Android ...:2021-9-30 · YouTube是 一个在线视频网站,里面 每天都有大量的用户在 制作和发布视频。当你找到一些有用的 YouTube视频,想要重复观看或者暂时没有时间观看的时候,你可能需要将这些视频收藏或者下载下来。 虽然 和大多数的视频网站一样,YouTube视频不 支持 直接 下载。
    • Hudson Valley Lab
    • 如何通过网址识别youtube或vimeo网站? - 码客:2021-2-3 · 如何通过网址识别youtube或vimeo网站? - 我在Drupal中创建了一个表单,其中有一个名为'URL'的字段。现在该网站的用户将在这里输入任何网址。现在,由该用户输入的网址我只是想验证它是否是一个适当的YouTube或VIMOO网址或不。例如: 网址 ...
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